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Original compositions by Fumiharu Yoshimine

"Sakura-Cherry/I was too foolish to love you"for tenor recorder and piano(2023)

"Sakura-Cherry Blossoms"for flute(tenor recorder)solo(2023)

"Ashura"(struggling spirit) for tenor recorder solo(2020)

"Ballad"for recorder duo and piano(option:percussion)

"Caravan"for alto recorder, piano(option:percussion)

"Caravan II"for recorder duo and piano(option:percussion)

Fantasia no2 for tenor recorder(2016)

"Night of Crescent Moon"for alto recorder,harpsichord and bass recorder (2019)

"Lullaby "for tenor recorder solo

Music for tenor recorder(2011)

Sonata for 2 recorders,viola da gamba and harpsichord (2015)

Kai III for recorder duo(tenor,bass recorder)(2019)

Kai IV for recorder duo(tenor,bass recorder)(2021)

"My dear old home country"「ふるさとねんころろん」for tenor recorder and piano

Arrangements and Transcriptions by Fumiharu Yoshimine

"Amazing Grace" (alt orecorder or other melody instrument and piano)

G.F.Handel "Lascia ch'i pianga" (tenor recorder solo)

Traditional "The Last Rose of Summer"(2 versions))

"Danny Boy"(tenor recorder and piano)

W.A.Mozart Sonata K.V.292for recorder duo(tenor, bass recorder))

J.S.Bach "Ciaccona" from Partita II BWV1004(tenor recorder)

J.S.Bach 6 pieces from "Anna Magdalena Bach's note book"(tenor recorder and bass recorder)

B.Bartok 7 pieces for 2 tenor recorders (original:44 pieces for violin duo)

B.Bartok 27 pieces for recorder duo, trio(original:for children's and female chor))

B.Bartok Sonata for recorder quintet(alto, tenor,bass,greatbass and contrabass recorder)original for piano

"Annie Laurie"(Alicia Scott) for recorder quartet